Change of Heart

9 Mar

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters are widely known and are featured on an endless array of products. It’s so popular that, to me, it’s starting to feel a bit…played out. I came across this video that explains the origins of the poster, and it is so interesting. (It doesn’t hurt that the narrator has an awesome accent.)

I am also really excited to learn that there are two other posters that were designed with the KCACO version. One of the them will be a great reminder of keeping a good attitude during the crazy summer months in the office. Maybe I’ll order it directly from Barter Books, and pretend that it was a dusty original discovered in a forgotten about box…

It’s amazing how learning a little bit more about something can change your perspective on it. The history of this design was the same last month as it is today. After watching the video, I feel that new life has been breathed into the omnipresent poster.

Here’s to seeing old things in a new light. Happy Friday.

note: This was the last post that appeared on the old blog.


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