13 Jun

It is no secret that I love food. Fresh produce delivered to me on a weekly basis from a local farm is a step away from perfection. (Perfection would be if I was picking it from my own backyard, but more on that later.)

There are tons of fringe benefits from working in Back Bay. Summertime brings a farmer’s market to Copley twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Some of the vendors offer community supported agriculture (CSA) shares, but they are often designed for the individual to pick up their share at the farm. Due to my schedule, commute, etc this has often kept me from joining. This has apparently been an issue for other people at my company, and someone arranged for Siena Farms to deliver CSA boxes to us.

I could wax poetic about Siena Farms, about how they practice sustainable farming, are chemical-free, and organic. About how they have such great produce that they deliver to a number of top-notch Boston restaurants. About how, if I were a farm, I would want to grow up to be just like them. In short, they’re awesome and I’m so happy to have their veggies in my belly every week.

I’m sharing a CSA box with two friend-collegues. Our first delivery came last week, and included green garlic, young broccoli raab, bok choi, and a TON of greens. Most of them come bagged (like the mesclun mix) so we decided to each take a bag rather than divide each bag by three. I ended up with the braising greens, which I was really excited about. There were so many possibilities as to what to do with the loot.

One of my favorite things that I cooked up with last week’s crops was steamed bok choi. I made a small portion because a) that’s all the bok choi I had and b) Doug doesn’t like it (his list of edible vegetables is very short). I based my appetizer off of this recipe, but due to the portion size I was making, I used it more as a suggestion than anything else. I skipped the grapeseed oil (none in the house) and went light on the sesame oil. I topped it with toasted sesame seeds and a few crushed red pepper flakes and voila!

It was pretty light, so I made miso-inspired soup to go with it. (I say “inspired” because it was more like miso stew.)

I used this recipe as a suggestion, but used bok choi and garlic chives from the box, and silken tofu, mushrooms, and nori that we already had on-hand. The vegetable stock was a bit flavorless, so I put a dash (it was an accidentally hearty dash) of hot sesame oil on top for more of a kick. Clearly, this was not really miso soup, but it was tasty.

My braising greens and green garlic didn’t get used, but are holding on to their freshness pretty tightly. I have some delicious plans up my sleeve for them this week, as well as for the second box we picked up yesterday.

*Disclaimer: Doug did not take these photos, and is probably totally embarrassed that there is no post-production work on them. I take full responsibility for this content.


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