Floating through the air

19 Jun

The past seven weeks have flown by so quickly. Today is the last class for my intensive flying workshop (IFW), and I am so sad that it’s ending.

I’ve learned a lot in seven weeks. The first week, I was still doing a belt hold with a 2-handed takeoff (for those of you who don’t do trapeze, that’s the beginner takeoff position) and was working on my pullover shoot. I never quite masted the pullover shoot (they thankfully let me try a different trick with the same difficultly level after a few weeks of failed attempts at the pullover shoot), but can do a one-handed takeoff with no belt or belly hold. I also learned how to swing, and it’s coming along alright. I am working on backend tricks now, and have a pretty solid backend straddle and backend split. Yay for having a dance background, because my splits are quite lovely if I do say so myself.

There are two girls in the class that are redonkulous. They are former gymnasts and are, in a word, amazing. Their swings are stuff that great novels are based off of. They throw difficult tricks successfully on their first try. There are a lot of talented flyers in the class, but these two girls are exceptionally good and completly intimidating to fly with.

I haven’t posted any clips from our weekly class, because there aren’t any to share! The recordings I thought I’d be able to post are DVR clips that we review in class, then get erased. I’ll have Doug try to capture some stuff on his phone during the show so I can embarrass myself  share the experience.


One Response to “Floating through the air”

  1. Doug June 20, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Phone! Helllllll no. D4 baby

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