It’s Fall!

27 Sep

A few short weeks ago, I was quite depressed about the idea of summer coming to an end. Fall is my favorite time of year, but everything around me still said summer.

The Universe read my mind or something, because suddenly-  without a warning- it became fall. And just like that, I was ready.

Because it’s still peak wedding season, we’re spending a lot of our weekends shooting. (Correction: Doug is shooting, and I’m assisting.) Last Sunday, we miraculously had a day off and crammed in as many fall activities that we could. We apple picked. We got a sizeable pumpkin to carve. We went to Nashoba Valley Winery to take a stroll and taste some wine. We stopped at few farm stands. We took Bentley to the dog park for some swimming and a hike through the woods. We fertilized the grass and cleaned out the garden. We watched football, drank cider, and took naps.

Although that seems like an exaggerated list, we somehow fit that all in without being rushed or having any particular agenda.

It was a magical fall day.

What is on your fall to-do list? Any special traditions you have?


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