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Glittery tags and hand-painted ombre spoons

26 Sep

This past weekend, we celebrated the wedding of our good friends, Didi and Henry. I met Didi during the first month of freshman year, after our audition for the dance team (we both made it). Henry became a part of our circle after he and Didi met during a first year class at Case Western. They are insanely smart, loyal, good-looking, fun, and easy-going, and I couldn’t have been more honored to be a part of their day.

Being in the wedding party, I got to be involved in the behind-the-scenes planning. For her shower, we wanted it to reflect the colors of her wedding (purple) with a little dash of sparkle. Enter: ombre wooden spoons with glitter tags! I cut a corner and ordered the spoons already painted. I highly recommend Heather at oMEandoMY.  Sure, you could paint them yourself but if you’re short on time or want a guaranteed awesome end-product, go to Heather for well done, reasonably priced spoons. She is easy to work with and will paint the handles in whatever colors you’re looking for.

What you’ll need:

Printable business cards (and a computer/printer/ink)

Hole punch

Glitter tape (washi tape would be great too)

Wooden spoons, spatulas, or other kitchen tools


–         Design your tag! Paper Source has a downloadable template that works perfectly with their product. Keep in mind that you’ll need room to add the tape and to punch a hole.

–         Print the cards. Fold along the perforations and gently tear them apart.

–         The glitter tape had a protective back. Peel of a short section of the backing and affix the sticky half to the tag, with the straight edge as close to the edge of the tag as possible. Trim the tape as close to the edge on the other side of the tag. This will cut down on wasted glitter tape.

–         Punch a hole in the top of each card.

–         Cut your ribbon. Do a test run with one ribbon to figure out the length you will need. For this project, I used 7” of ribbon per spoon.

–         Tie the tag to the spoon! I looped the ribbon through the tag, crossed the ribbon behind the spoon, and tied a bow in the front of the spoon. You can tie however you think is easy or attractive to you.

For the party, I put them in a couple of large, clear glass jars so people could see the pretty handles.