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In Case of Emergency

25 Oct

Everyone’s had one of those days where they could use a kind word, no matter what it is or who it comes from. Sometimes you just need a silly little compliment to make you smile.

Let me introduce you to Megs Senk, a designer at W+K 12 and your new best friend.

She’s created this amazingly straightforward and cheer-inducing website, Emergency Compliment. A clean modern design featuring cheeky little phrases, this is sure to brighten your day. If the first compliment doesn’t do the trick, keep clicking through. There are a TON of phrases, and when you hit upon one that you like, you can purchase a print of it from Society6.

(via designworklife)


No more FMLs

14 Mar

No more FMLs

Bad days happen. It’s just a part of life. This image is a great reminder that a bad moment, a bad day, a bad week does not mean that you have a bad life. Take stock of the great things in your life- both big and small- and soon things will come into perspective.


Image from via Pinterest.