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Big News

24 Oct

Our family is growing! No, we’re not having a baby – we are adopting a puppy! Bentley is about to get a 5-month old mixed breed sister.

This is a picture of Riley (the dog formerly known as Reba) that her shelter mom took.

When we started thinking about getting a second dog, I knew instantly that I wanted to get a rescue. We got Bentley from a reputable breeder, and we can’t imagine life without her. However, there are a lot of great dogs out there that need a home. We perused PetFinder for a few months, with no real idea of what we were looking for.

One night when Doug was shooting, I looked at the list of breeds, clicking on ones that I had never heard of before. It was fun but nothing was sticking until I came upon a particular breed that, quite frankly, sounded like a disease: Black Mouth Cur. I found them to be really attractive dogs, and the more homework I did, the more they sounded like the type of dog we were looking for.

When Doug walked in that night, I bombarded him with facts about the breed and links to dogs I wanted to apply for.

This aimless clicking around that night led us to our new “baby.”

There were three dogs that we applied for. The first two looked like typical Black Mouth Curs, whereas Riley doesn’t look like one at all. We got good news/bad news from the first two shelters- the dogs we had inquired about had been adopted. However, Riley was still looking for her forever home!

Riley’s mom and her entire litter of 8 pups were rescued from a high-kill shelter in Louisiana and taken to a rescue in Texas. This organization (Houston Shaggy Dog Rescue) has foster homes in New England, so when we initially were looking on PetFinder, Riley/Reba was listed as being in Connecticut. We initially wanted to adopt a local dog (mostly, so Bentley and the dog in question could meet) but soon we had fallen in love with this pup from the south.

We had some concerns: is this dog a crazy shedder? What is her temperament? What happens if this isn’t a good match? How the heck is she going to get here? The rescue’s founder (and current foster mom to Riley), Kathy, spent a long time talking with me on the phone, answering all of our questions and giving me the scoop on Riley’s mom/littermates/history.

Riley is getting picked up from Kathy’s this afternoon by Rescue Road Trips and we pick her up in Connecticut on Saturday afternoon.

New pictures of her to come- she’ll probably be an easier puppy to photography than jet black baby Bentley.

Have you adopted a rescue or brought a second dog home? Any helpful tips or advice is welcome!!